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Home With A Heart supports and cares for those in need: homeless, endanger of becoming homeless and their family members dealing with lifestyle and reintegration challenges.

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Carl Feathers 62, U.S. Army Veteran

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Carl Feathers 62, U.S. Army Veteran. The retired principal painter of Feather’s Painting would have to face down several life challenges to gain housing stability and peace of mind. Although, he received both VA and SSA benefits, prioritizing basic needs were losing to gambling. Feathers would come again to a card table of a different sort, this time the stakes were high enough to cause him to fold. Today, he continues to paint at his leisure, working to rebuild family ties and plans on traveling to HWH—Thailand this spring.

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Ted Wilson, 62, U.S. Navy Veteran SeaBee


Ted Wilson,62,U.S. Navy Veteran SeaBee , retired principal machinist and welder of Wilson Machine and Fabrication. His story begins with an injury, then a laid off and finally an eviction after ten years of loyal tenancy. Although, Wilson the silver haired grandfather of two grandsons would find shelter: either doubled up with his son’s family or couch surfing at friends. A VA social worker would educated him about HWH, he would then make a call, complete an intake process and begin to regain his independence, stability and return to normalcy.

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Tom Didia, 62 , U.S Marine Veteran


Tom Didia, 62 , U.S Marine veteran, self reported caring for his aged mother after his second military tour until her death in 1993. Later that same year his plight as a homeless veteran would begin, rippled with mental and physical illness, he would remain without a place to call home until February 2009 – when a VA social worker would educate him while visiting a homeless shelter about HWH, he too would make a call, complete an intake process and know bridges, vacant trailers and nightly dangers – no more.